A new era for retailers

A new era for retailers
Photo by Blake Wisz / Unsplash

It has been at least a decade since ecommerce joined the market. It was conceived in the minds of entrepreneurs and customers that the physical store was about to come to the end of its existence, however, in an "unexpected" turn of events, many of the aforementioned ecommerce businesses  would soon have their physical stores.

With this as a background, we can say that retail will prevail, even if global events, such as the pandemic caused by COVID-19, impact their business model. Of course, the way sales and purchases are made has changed forever, it is no longer enough to display items in a shop window or have an online store; doing business is a process in which communication is essential and being in contact with customers has become necessary to improve what is offered, while remaining in force thanks to the feedback that a user can provide.

The big missing piece in this puzzle that seeks effective communication as well as success, can actually be much closer and more accessible than we think and, not only that but it is a reliable source of accurate and secure data that also are a bridge between those who offer products or services and their customers. It is as simple as diversifying the uses of the Wifi network within the establishment, be it restaurants, shopping malls, education centers, health institutions, each place has its own way of generating complete experiences for its customers. To do this, it is sufficient to incorporate the use of a wifi marketing tool in the network, for example, Aiwifi allows data collection at multiple access points; in this way, the versatility in the use of wifi marketing is only limited by the creativity of the establishment owner.

A small survey is a great way to know how customers live the experience offered; a loyalty program, in addition to providing exclusive benefits to a loyal customer base can increase the amount of sales and, over time, this results in a potential growth not only financially, but also at the image level which is an important projection whose impact transcends the commercial part and turns an establishment into something more, the brand of this becomes relevant and this increases confidence and customer satisfaction.

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