Healthcare institutions should know this: A way to use the Wifi network to save lives

Healthcare institutions should know this: A way to use the Wifi network to save lives
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

As we know, the world is living tense times with the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, even with the hard work of doctors and staff in all areas of hospitals, human losses are increasing day by day. However, when we think of the resources at our disposal to expedite the response of healthcare institutions to daily emergencies in addition to those related to the pandemic, it is easy to limit ourselves into thinking only about physically available tools. However, over the months, it has become evident that it is necessary to expand the means through which it is possible to anticipate an emergency and save valuable lives, as well as maintain the health of others, and something as simple as the free wifi network offered by hospitals can make a big difference. Here's how.

By making complementary use of the Internet access points, it is possible to calculate the possible cases of COVID-19 on site.A small survey to grant access to navigation can later be corroborated with medical records, thus having two sources that provide greater accuracy, but not only that; it is also possible to facilitate the navigation of the user or patient through the facilities, especially considering the increase in mobility derived from the pandemic. Following the line of patients and users, a present problem when patients with COVID-19 wish to be in contact with their relatives, is the impossibility of seeing their loved ones face to face. In this sense, in addition to being a form of entertainment that makes the patient's stay and recovery more bearable, or the waiting of their relatives, it is a tool that expands the ways of communicating, a bridge that maintains the ties between relatives or people close to the patient and that becomes a symbol of tranquility for people; a more than necessary amenity in times of a health crisis.

Continuing with the theme of security and peace of mind, another of the multiple uses of the Wi-Fi network is to be able to keep track of the expenses generated from the patient's stay. Again, increasing the efficiency in the use of the Wi-Fi network, in addition to the benefits in terms of management and control, is to provide more human and rounded experiences for families and patients. Join Aiwifi's customer network now and let's revolutionize the way Wifi is used to save lives and preserve health.

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