Innovate or die: How to make successful a business or company in 2021

Innovate or die: How to make successful a business or company in 2021
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2020 was a year full of challenges for everyone; the COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of people to adapt to a new lifestyle.One of the sectors that received the greatest impact due to the virus was that of the entrepreneurs who handle their products and services in physical stores.

Of course, there are hundreds of businesses operating in fully digital environments, however, not all products and services possess this digital-only offering capability and, with this in mind, we present a series of tips to ensure that 2021 is a year full of commercial success and innovation.

A step ahead in social media

How often do we see social media businesses  accounts with little to no updates? Nowadays  when the proper use of social media is vital to keep businesses alive, it becomes essential to make use of these tools in the most effective way possible. Making a structured planning of the content that will be published in each social network is, quite simply, a great way to give a direction to our communication. We know that it is not always easy to keep track of what happens in our social media, however, there are multiple tools to monitor and organize the content to be published, among the most popular are; everypost, hootsuite, socialbee and buffer. All of them are paid options, however, a little extra organization is worth the investment.

Digital marketing knowledge

Again, venturing into a new environment requires investing time in getting to know it, digging a little deeper into the subject, sooner or later you will find that the best way to take advantage of the online world is to have knowledge about digital marketing, which although it will not turn you into a professional in this field, it ensures that your web presence is as pleasant for customers as the products and services offered in retail.

Currently, given the digital divide and the way it has been accentuated by the pandemic, Google offers for free its digital marketing fundamentals course, which has curricular value and always represents a bonus when moving to a digital environment.

Use of wifi marketing

Following the same path, after venturing into the online world and acquiring digital marketing knowledge, the next step to take into account  is incorporating a wifi marketing tool. For many a relatively new concept that more and more companies incorporate into their arsenal. Wifi marketing can be used to create a connection with customers and generate experiences with a significant degree of customization, since social wifi aims to represent a direct link between brands and customers. Thanks to this type of tools, it is possible to maintain contact with customers through fully digital interactions. Let's imagine that you create a loyalty program that accumulates points every time a person buys in physical store or asks for something in the  digital menu displayed thanks to a quick QR code scan, with this simple action, begins a process through which you can know the customers according to the parameters that are more convenient and align with the business objectives of your company.Sounds amazing does not it? It is as simple as configuring your router with the service and starting to receive useful data to grow your company or business. It is important to verify which tool is more convenient according to your needs, because some of the companies that offer this service charge per access point, so if you have a large space and multiple access points, these factors can increase the cost of the service. In the market there are multiple companies that offer wifi marketing services. Purple, Arara or Aiwifi offer monthly plans starting at $5 per month and at no additional cost per access point.

All these resources add up to a compilation of recommendations for a fruitful year and commercial success. Let's remember that this digitalization is a gradual process that brings with it novelties at a dizzying pace and that day by day possibilities are added to renew and be creative with the wide range of resources available. In the end, it is a matter of adapting and finding ways to take advantage of the tools offered by the digital world. Join Aiwifi network now.

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