Launch your own ecommerce now

Launch your own ecommerce now
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When referring to ecommerce, the main difference with traditional commercial practices lies in the fact that ecommerce relies on various technologies and platforms that facilitate the exchange of goods and services remotely. We have previously talked about how, in the context of the pandemic, various business sectors needed to adapt their business model to incorporate a hybrid scheme that would allow them to have the benefits from the physical and digital experience. With this in mind, Aiwifi's proposal for a new era of retail was conceived and following this same line, this post aims to provide basic notions of ecommerce practices.
In the semantics of this modality of commerce, some technical issues arise that are important to take into account, since joining the digital world implies contemplating channels, devices, marketing, transactions and even product delivery. However, the best way to introduce us to the subject is to recognize business models in the digital world. To do so, we take up the proposal of Ramos (2020) who writes for Marketing 4 Ecommerce and divides practices into four possible models.
The first is the online store, which is a loyal adaptation of a physical store to a digital one, for this many people rely on third-party platforms such as Shopify that allows the design from the graphic part to shipments.
On the other hand, affiliate ecommerce basically presents a portal in the form of a catalog that redirects to the supplier's website (convenient when you do not have the possibility of managing a physical inventory).
Marketplace is the model that made Amazon famous because it links different vendors on a single platform.
Finally, subscription ecommerce does not offer tangible products, but makes available digital products or streaming services that are paid for at a certain frequency.
Now that you know the models, we can say that embarking on a journey into the field of ecommerce, either because you have a physical store and want to reach a wider audience or simply because at the moment having an establishment is not within your possibilities, allows exponential growth, facilitates the repurchase process and of course, adds valuable hours that expand the commercial window of your business.  In order to monitor the growth of your business and the ecommerce practices you implement you can use a social wifi tool such as Aiwifi that gives a new use to the connections of those who visit you physically and connect to your wifi network, this way you can link their interests, behaviors and demographics to get more out of your online store or marketplace.

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