Photo by logan jeffrey / Unsplash

Day by day, new users join the Aiwifi network and it is not enough to talk about the many ways in which you can use a wifi marketing tool, without first putting on the table success stories in which Aiwifi has been key to growth and improvement of the brands in question.
Today we will talk about Hooters, the emblematic restaurant franchise, whose 19 branches within the Mexican Republic, use the wifi marketing service offered by Aiwifi. It is evident that, due to the level of expansion of the brand, the use of analytics for Hooters, is not focused entirely on exponentially increasing the number of customers they have, but its purpose, in addition to maintaining a fruitful business relationship with those who are already customers, is to enrich the experiences of visitors. In other words, Aiwifi provides a way to measure useful and meaningful data, thus linking and breaking down the barriers between the digital world and the face-to-face experience.
The collection process is straightforward, and is tailored to the data that is convenient for our clients. Instead of applying a large, time-consuming survey that can lose the user's interest, information is collected incrementally, visit after visit, connection after connection.Data such as the address from which visitors come, can be useful to evaluate the future opening of a new branch, thus facilitating a safe and successful expansion.
Knowing the number of visitors per day is key in determining the type of experience you want to create. For example, even in the COVID-19 contingency. Hooters, starting in August using the Aiwifi tool with its renewed experience, registered an average of 14,000 new connections, which translates into 2,800 people per month registering as customers and with the potential to continue visiting the place, a good indicator that the physical experience is not dead. This is directly linked to the measurement of success in promotional campaigns, as well as the ideal channels for their diffusion.
As we can see, the digital component, now more than ever, is vital when it comes to being successful, minimizing the risks involved. Succes is one clic away.