The captive portal as an expansion tool

The captive portal as an expansion tool
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Up to this point you have probably been a user of a captive portal. The page that most establishments use as a requirement to be able to browse the internet through their free wifi network. The idea behind employing a captive portal service, in addition to the security implications, since, data authentication restricts access to unwanted users, opens up a new dimension that diversifies the type of advertising generated by those who hire captive portal services.

Currently, many opinions are established against the use of printed advertising resources, because of the natural resource needed for its processing and the pollution it produces when the material is used.
(Suarez et al, 2017).

Well, the captive portal, proposes a solution that streamlines a highly demanding task for companies seeking to improve their communication and advertising strategies. Part of the interest of the aforementioned areas is to better know the people to whom they address their messages, therefore, the integration of digital resources is a more accurate approach to target audiences. These options open the window to new types of advertising practices that attract the attention of new potential customers. So as we have reviewed, the inclusion of the captive portal builds the foundation for growth for companies in a variety of sectors. From local businesses and SMEs to large companies. The captive portal is a way to segment and find new unexplored niches with a series of needs related to the services offered by each company.

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