The Challenges of 2021: A Year of Opportunities for the Restaurant Industry

The Challenges of 2021: A Year of Opportunities for the Restaurant Industry
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

One of the industries that suffered the most from the COVID-19 pandemic is the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, sanitary measures are forcing these establishments to follow new regulations, adapt and make use of new channels and technologies in order to continue operating safely.

Of course, this at first seems hopeless for restaurant owners no matter what sector of the industry they belong to. Mandatory use of  masks for staff, QR code-linked menus and open spaces drastically change the way the restaurant dining experience is lived. However, taking advantage of the adaptations that the industry's establishments are forced to make represents a new opportunity to grow and improve the service provided.

Having a free wifi network seems more necessary than ever, since, in addition to the amenity factor it brings to the experience, it facilitates access to the QR code menu for users who do not have a mobile data plan. This connection establishes the first link with customers, which in the long term will serve to nurture the relationship we have with diners and generate a bond from which both parties (owner and customer) benefit. This is part of planning for growth and reaping the rewards of proper management.

That said, using the wifi network to communicate is a way to bridge the digital world that for many lacks the human element and, the experience that the establishment offers.

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