The recovery of the restaurant industry is now

The recovery of the restaurant industry is now
Photo by Zakaria Zayane / Unsplash

At Aiwifi, one of our main priorities is to be an accessible and flexible tool available to all business sectors. Following the line of this perspective that is based on functionality is the result of a constant work to improve and provide the necessary resources for our customers. However, we are pleased to know that people are learning about this work and sharing it with others.
This time, we are talking about the mention we received from Loren Gray in his podcast Hospitality Marketing Show, specifically in episode 302. The central theme of this episode is how the restaurant industry recovers after the pandemic scenario of 2020 by putting the wifi network as a key piece.
The mention made by Gray emphasizes the use of Aiwifi as a highly accessible platform (in terms of price) and as a shield against any malicious practices, since full control over the connections made is provided. However, Aiwifi's role in the restaurant's recovery adds to the dimension of our platform that facilitates the marketing issue. In Gray's words: "Aiwifi represents a great way to cultivate customer relationships, facilitating communication through various media; SMS, email or social networks".
In an era where contactless communication is the core of all commercial practices, the best way to prevent consumers from feeling overwhelmed by the amount of messages they receive, a software tool such as Aiwifi, enlivens and translates the experience we were used to into the digital world, without the complications or "coldness" with which these contactless practices are seen.
Again, it seeks to break the paradigm of how little human is seen the digital and move towards the use of tactics that manage to overcome the self-imposed barrier by the theme of the pandemic.
In any case, a guest wifi software is applicable in different ways for each business sector and to better understand the niche in which Aiwifi works, you can read the prospecting report conducted by The research insights and shared through The Courier where a scenario that covers up to 2026 is proposed, being Aiwifi one of the main players of this commercial/technological horizon.